The late Lovemore Matombo

The labour movement in Zimbabwe was robbed of an illustrious trade unionist Lovemore Motombo who died on the 27th of January 2020 in Harare. Matombo served in various capacities in the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions where he served as Vice President in the mid 1980's and at the helm as president from 2001–2011.

With less than 50 days to go to the make or break harmonized polls, there seems to be chaos in the leading opposition party, the MDC-T, which was still conducting primary elections for some constituencies while the ruling Zanu PF had gone a gear up in campaigning.

So the factionalism playing out in the ruining Zanu PF party has spilled into government, with a cyclone Grace induced sacking of Vice President Emerson Mnangagwa, just a month after losing the powerful Justice Ministry to chief spy Happiton Bonyongwe.

The broke Zimbabwe government is eyeing workers' funds stashed in private pension schemes and the National Social Security Authority to service its foreign debts as it seeks to beat the April 2016 deadline it set for promised to international financial institutions.

18 April, every year, is a great day as we remember to celebrate independence in Zimbabwe but it remains so unfortunate that disillusionment and disgruntlement has darkened this day as Zanu PF wildly continues leading the nation backwards when time and circumstances demand progressive governance.