AFROCHINE to fork out $48k for unfair dismissals


Labour Court Judge Betty Chidziva recently ordered Chinese owned smelting company Afrochine Smelting (Pvt) Ltd to pay a combined $48 125.11 to its former employees as compensation for unfair dismissal.

The affected employees, Notpah Janhi, Tawanda Chikaka and Tafadzwa Jukwa had their initial claim of $56 878.83 reduced by the court.

Chidziva, in a Labour Court order which upheld a ruling granted by Designated Agent for the Ferro Alloy Industry Princes Chachoka in August 2019 meant that the unfairly dismissed employees' initial claim of $56 878.83 was reduced by a significant amount of $8 753.22.

“ 3rd Respondent (Afrochine Smelting Private Limited) is hereby nd ordered to pay 2 Respondents who are Notpah Jani, Twanada Chikaka and Tafadzwa Jukwa $48125.11 by not later than 28 February 2020,” confirmed the operative part of judge Chidziva' order.

According to the Labour Court order Jani should be paid $18377.73 while Chikaka is owed $ 14881.82 and Jukwa $14 865.56. It remains to be seen if Afrochine Private limited abides by the Labour Court order considering that the Chinese owned smelting gaint absconded the Labour Court proceedings despite being notified by the Labour Court Registrar one Mutendamambo to attend the hearing.

“The Chinese owned company is known for disregarding the labour laws of the land, they did not attend all proceedings from conciliation at the NEC up to the Labour Court deliberately,” said Henry Tarumbira General Secretary of NUMAIZ whose union represented Afrochine employees from hearings at company level to the Labour Court.

“If Afrochine ignores the labour court order we will not hesitate to take further legal action against them,” Tarumbira added.

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