Chamisa graces Worker’s Day Commemorations; commits to Decent Work Agenda

By Own Correspondent

CITIZENS Coalition for Change (CCC) leader, Nelson Chamisa graced the 2023 Worker’s Day commemorations where he committed to aggressively push for a Decent Work Agenda once his government takes charge.

The leading opposition leader has not missed the commemorations since the passing on of the late MDC iconic founder, President Morgan Tsvangirai, effectively demonstrating the common values of the struggle by the working class.   

Writing on Twitter ahead of the event on May 1 2023, Chamisa committed to respect workers’ rights once in charge.

 “We believe in the decent work agenda, employment opportunities and sustainable enterprises, labour standards and workers’ rights, inclusive social protection, inclusive social dialogue, collective bargaining, non-discrimination by gender, age or any other form!

 “Workers get ready for this change! Workers stand up and participate in the change that you so deserve! #ANewGreat Zimbabwe.

The opposition leader urged employers to pay workers fair wages.

“Pay workers decent salaries. This day, we salute all workers for keeping the economy and nation’s wheels turning and rolling under conditions of decent work deficits.

“Workers are the wheels of change. Workers deserve a new and great Zimbabwe free from poverty, corruption and oppression. Saluting all workers this #MayDay,” Chamisa said.

In his solidarity statement at the event, Chamisa urged CCC party supporters and the workers to respect each other as enunciated in the doctrine of tolerance regardless of one’s political leanings.

“When our new government comes into power. We will not dismiss our police, soldiers and members of the Central Intelligence Organisation and those who work for government”.

Chamisa added: “The President is the chief worker in any country and must work well to avail opportunities for other workers. If you vote for the wrong leader. It means you have chosen the wrong person. But if you elect the wrong leader then everything goes wrong. That also becomes visible because when such a senior worker assumes office, companies begin to close shop and workers lose their jobs. But if you appoint the right leader, companies’ open doors and citizens begin to get jobs. This is the last May Day under corruption, oppression and economic depression. The 2024 May Day is going to be Uhuru and good news for the workers under a new Republic and the citizens’ government”.

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