The Crocodile, Grace and the Chiefs Band!!

So the factionalism playing out in the ruining Zanu PF party has spilled into government, with a cyclone Grace induced sacking of Vice President Emerson Mnangagwa, just a month after losing the powerful Justice Ministry to chief spy Happiton Bonyongwe.

That Mnangagwa’s sacking came after a series of humiliating tirades by both President Mugabe and his wife Grace, figuratively stripping him naked in front of hundreds of party supporters and paraded on national television,  speaks volumes about  the lengths that Grace is prepared to go to take over power from her ageing and ailing husband.

And as if to prove that this  whole episode was choreographed;   it did not take a few hours for Zanu PF provincial structures to start stampeding in endorsing “Dr Amai as the “right” person to take over the Vice Presidency, which the party wants to be reserved for women

If anything, the purported cabinet reshuffle by the ageing President Robert Mugabe, and the subsequent sacking of Mnangagwa has laid bare Grace Marufu’s long held ambition to be Zimbabwe’s  First Citizen. In any case, it is now an open secret that Marufu’s daughter is already running this country while the nonagenarian enjoys his sleep; only to be awoken to announce the Iron Lady’s decisions.

This is so because the reshuffle, which saw most of the old dead wood remaining in cabinet, was a vindictive purging of perceived Mnangagwa allies by Grace, the de facto patron of the G40 formation, as she moved to flex her political power, obviously borrowed from the fragile and ailing husband, to finish off the Lacoste faction of the now foundering former liberation war movement.

And finish the Crocodile off she did!

The reshuffle has also taught us that those who bootlick, and do it better than everyone, occupy a very special place in the life of the so called First Family. If anyone doubts Chigumura’s newly found knowledge on bootlicking, they are kindly referred to none other than Cremora.  Yes, bootlicking has paid spectacularly for Webster Shamu, who re-emerged from the political dumpsite to become Minister of State for Mashonaland West Province.

And the politics in Zanu PF never ceases to amaze…besides endorsing  the 94 year as their sole candidate for the 2018 presidential election, the provincial executives in the ruining party were quick to also dismiss and suspend  Mnangagwa’s allies in their midst, a few hours after the so called Midlands godfather got the boot.

They would also hastily arrange another thoughtless rally to show their solidarity with the First Family and endorsed their decisions, first to fire Mnangagwa and second, to elevate Marujata to take over the position the two tactically created for Dr Amai.

Should her Vice Presidency be endorsed, it would automatically make Grace a Vice President of Zimbabwe, thus the Mugabe’s would have been successful in building their dynasty. And one can only imagine a country being run by an old and wasted Mugabe assisted by his mad wife. Zimbabwe has simply gone to the dogs!!

THE on-going Biometric Voter Registration exercise is giving me butterflies to say the least. The apathy by Zimbabweans to register is just so heartbreaking….here is an opportunity for all progressive Zimbabweans to speak and act against a regime that has presided over our suffering for almost four decades…and what do we do with that opportunity…spurn it…

What the people of this country need to know is that it is not Tsvangirai or any opposition leader who will lose to MUGABE IF THEY DON’T REGISTER AND DON’T GO AND VOTE…It is the people of Zimbabwe who will lose…our children’s future.

It has to be pointed out that Zanu PF has made sure that its supporters have been registered and this kind of apathy by Zimbabweans is surely not right. It can only point to one thing, another “resounding landslide” for Zanu PF, which brings with it more suffering for the people of Zimbabwe…and probably hammer the last nail in the coffins of some of us who are reaching retirement age!!

And finally, the President of the Chiefs Council, Fortune Charumbira, has now all but confirmed our fears that our beloved Chiefs are nothing but just a bunch of Zanu PF activists masquerading as traditional leaders.

In a brazen show of disrespect for the Constitution, which states that chiefs should be non-partisan in the execution of their roles as custodians of our culture, Chief Charumbira saw it fit that he should tell all the chiefs to ensure that Zanu PF remains in power through whatever means, including intimidating their subjects.

Here is a man who has been tasked with leading our traditional leaders, now behaving like a Zanu PF Political Commissar! Surely this is not acceptable. The authorities that be need to investigate this moron, who has become a danger to society.

Thief Charumbira has since connived with another thief named Ignatius Chombo to dip their dirty , fingers into the national coffers and buy 226 cars for the CHIEFS, (read  Zanu PF Political Commissars) so they can assist the ruining party in stealing the 2018 vote!

How could Mugabe, his wife Grace and the bootlickers that follow them not do as they please when what we have all been thinking was a crocodile that would emerge from within to stop them from creating a dynasty is after all, nothing but just a LIZARD….Wotomhanyira mugomo Dzvinyu Iwee!!!

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