2021-26 ZCTU leadership meets labour minister

New ZCTU leadership hits the ground running

By Admore Marambanyika

The newly elected ZCTU leadership kick started its tenure with a courtesy call to the Minister of Labour  Prof. Paul Mavima to set the stage for future engagements on the erosion of wages, labour law reforms, the Tripartite Negotiating Forum (TNF), the Zimbabwe Decent Work Programme among others as it gears to address the deteriorating plight of workers.

ZCTU President Florence Taruvinga told the minister that while the ZCTU was keen on dialogue and engagement it would not be deterred from collective action if other social partners negotiate in bad faith.

The ZCTU President emphasized to the minister that the ZCTU shall remain independent and continue to engage with government on issues affecting workers.

“Our top priority at ZCTU is to address the erosion of wages and salaries as a matter of urgency. My team will fight to win workers rights and priviledges in Zimbabwe and we will be putting this on the negotiating table and we are looking forward to more fruitful engagements,” she said.

The minister congratulated the ZCTU as an institution for following democratic processes and promised to call for an urgent TNF meeting to discuss the operationalisation of the TNF.

“This is the culture we want to build in all our institutions in Zimbabwe,” he said.

On wages and salaries the minister said there is a limit to which you can exploit workers without paying them adequate wages and salaries, beyond that they will revolt. He said the government was committed to address the issue of salaries to avert strikes and create industrial harmony.

On Labour law reform, the minister emphasized to the new leadership that ZCTU should input into the Bill for necessary and favourable amendments to be made. The minister assured the ZCTU that government was ready to host the ILO Commission of Inquiry as it has nothing to hide.

“Government had acceded to the commission of inquiry but this was disturbed by the outbreak of Covid-19. We want them to come, we have nothing to hide,” he said.

The main ZCTU congress was preceded by the Young Workers and Women’s committee Conferences which ushered in new leadership. The 9th elective congress elected the following into office.

1. President : Florence Taruvinga - Energy Sector Workers Union of Zimbabwe

2. 1st Vice President: Valentine Chikosi - Zimbabwe Revenue Authority Trade Union.

3. 2nd Vice President: Nicholas Mazarura - Zimbabwe Construction and Allied Trades Workers Union

4. 3rd Vice President:  Runesu Chipamaunga - Railway Association of Enginemen

5. Treasurer General : Douglas Chiradza - National Energy Workers Union of Zimbabwe

6. 1st Deputy Secretary General : Runesu Dzimiri - Food Federation and Allied Workers Union of Zimbabwe

7. 2nd Deputy Secretary General : Kudakwashe Munengiwa - Zimbabwe Urban Councils Workers Union


9th Elective Congress Appointed Trustees

1. Juniel Manyere - Railway Association of Enginemen

2. Felistas Nyamunda - Zimbabwe Catering and Hotel Workers Union

2. Lovemore Ngwarati - Zimbabwe Revenue Authority Trade Union

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