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Teachers group bemoans Covid19 vulnerability ahead of schools opening

By Own Correspondent

PROGRESSIVE Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) says the decision by the government to open schools will increase the learners and teachers risk of contacting the deadly Covid19 virus arguing that the basic precautionary measures have not been implemented as yet.

Speaking to The Worker  this week PTUZ president , Doctor Takavafira Zhou described the decision as ill- conceived and dangerous.

“It is mission impossible, illconceived, unfortunate, intransigent and irresponsible commandist approach impermeable to educational taxonomy, professionalism, reason and facts.

“There is no Covid19 abatement equipment in schools as the $500 million since the fund has not yet   filtered to schools. Several schools have no running water or reliable source of water, less than 7% of teachers have received vaccination as opposed to 65% deemed safe for control of infection transmission. No student has received vaccination,” he said.

Zhou said there has been no attempt to capacitate teachers who ordinarily need money to travel to their work places and pay fees for their own children. .

“So to expect teachers who earn starvation wages to borrow money in order to travel to their respective work places to teach other people's children while their own children are at home is oxymoronic and a mission impossible. The welfare, health and safety of teachers cannot be alienated from the opening of schools,” he said.

Government recently announced that  schools will reopen on the 30th of August for examination classes and on the 6th of September for normal classes.

This details were revealed during  a Post-Cabinet Media Briefing by the Minister of Information Publicity and Broadcasting Services Senator Monica Mutsvangwa .

She said the decision comes after noting with satisfaction the preparations for the resumption of classes in schools.

“As such, the inter-city and intra-city transportation for learners will be allowed during schools re-opening periods, subject to close monitoring by law enforcement agencies,” she said.

However, several stakeholders remain skeptical of the decision which they suspect to have the potential to add on to the upsurge of Covid19 infections.

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