ZCTU remembers iconic unionist Morgan Tsvangirai, says his contributions are indelible

By Own Correspondent

ZIMBABWE Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has reflected on the life of the late iconic trade unionist, Morgan Richard Tsvangirai describing him as an incomparable leader who took the labor movement to dizzy heights.

In a statement to mark the 5th anniversary of Tsvangirai’s passing on, the federation acknowledged that the late stalwart managed to steer the workers group to dizzying heights confronting the movement.

“His commitment to the working class remains incomparable, epitomised by the 1997–98 national demonstrations and strikes against unemployment, price hikes and taxes that the government was imposing to fund its excesses that did not benefit the ordinary people.

“A veteran trade unionist who dared to confront the government of the day in defence of workers’ rights which inspired and gave hope to the generality of Zimbabweans to firmly believe that union power delivers,” said ZCTU.

The labor federation said beyond unionism, Tsvangirai was a honed activist who recognised that the democratisation of the country required a multi-pronged approach and deployed his leadership and organisational skills to spearhead the formation of numerous civic society lobby groups that included the NCA.

ZCTU noted that while at the helm of the Movement for Democratic Change, he worked with civic organisations, including the NCA, to vote against a government backed proposed new constitution in 2000.

“Over the years of his trade union and political career he left an indelible mark in both the national trade union and political landscape through his labor and political activism.

“During his tenure as Prime Minister from 2009-2013, Zimbabweans witnessed a huge recovery of the economy and workers enjoyed better lives which they vividly remember and long for.

The federation said Tsvangirai remains a cog in the democratisation of the Zimbabwean political landscape as he led the most formidable opposition party that diffused the one-party state agenda and paved the way for the proliferation of political parties after 2000.

“Rest in power Morgan, a man whose legacy, ideologies and humility continues to inspire the trade unions of today and the quest for true democracy in Zimbabwe,” added ZCTU.

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