ZUCWU Accuses Chinotimba's Union of Interfering in its Mutare Affairs

The Zimbabwe Urban Councils Workers Union (ZUCWU) is crying foul over the Joseph Chinotimba led, Zimbabwe Urban and rural Councils' Workers Union (ZARWU) which tricked the former by misrepresenting them in Mutare by circulating renunciation forms.

In a statement to the ZCTU secretary general, ZUCWU general secretary Tamsaqa Mahlangu said the matter went through conciliation and arbitrator ordered that ZURCWU was committing an unfair labour practice and interfering in union affairs of ZUCWU. Secondly ZCRWU was told to direct its potential members to feely follow proper procedures in renouncing their membership from ZUCWU.

"ZUCWU should be entitled to relief in terms of Section 4(4) (a) of the Labour Act, both parties should also share cost of this arbitration," reads part of the statement.

ZUCWU also alleges that Chinotimba held a meeting with Mutare management after which the employer started auctioning this illegal transfer of their members to ZCRWU.

"He continuously threatens management as a way of forcing them to do his bidding, "said Mahlangu.

However Chinotimba declined these allegations saying they are lies.

"There is nothing like that, ZUCWU was rejected by people after the ZCTU secretary General said they are a political party rather than a labour movement," said Chinotimba.

He said he will never run from workers even though he is a ZANU-PF member of parliament. On responding to the allegation that he threatened the management, Chinotimba also denied saying the has no power to do so as management itself was not fully behind ZUCWU so I told them to follow the workers needs.

"Out of the 2000 members that they had, 1 500 of them have moved over to ZCRWU and I am happy with that. All ZUCWU members should leave them because they said they are a political party," he said.

Chinotimba is the former vice president of the Zimbabwe Federation of Trade unions (ZFTU) but was dismissed from that position some years ago.

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